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2005_047_1530 Pt I.pdf
Inside front cover bears the inscription "'Who can stray from me? I follow you whoever you are from the present hour.' Washington April 1898," which Ramsden attributes to Walter Berry. Book appears to be in delicate condition, with water stains…

Hardbound with silver-tone embossed title design. First edition, second issue. Ramsden notes that it bears an inscription from Walter Berry reading "Alice Warder." Alice Warder's bookplate is affixed to a sheet of paper and mounted in the front cover…

This is the Centenary Edition, containing three volumes in one. Edited by Richard Maurice Bucke, Thomas B. Harned, and Horace L. Traubel. Includes photograph of 'Walt Whitman and the Butterfly'. The table of contents is heavily marked, with the…

2005_047_1396_2 copy.pdf
Volume two of two. Includes illustrations from sketches in colors by Amelia M. Watson.

2005_047_1396_1 copy.pdf
Volume one of two. Includes illustrations from sketches in colors by Amelia M. Watson

2005_047_1307 copy.pdf
Inscription from the author reads, 'Edith Wharton from Logan Pearsall Smith 1934 'We work in the dark- we do what we can- we give what we have. Our doubt is in our passion & our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art'". Includes…

2005_047_1306 copy.pdf
This book is one out of only 100 copies to be published. Dedication from the author reads, 'Edith Wharton to whom this little book owes so much from Logan Pearsall Smith'.
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