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In two volumes; revised fourth and fifth editions. Duodecimo; bound in half red morocco with marbled boards and gilt decorations on the spine.

Penciled markings have been added to both volumes.

Editing done by Goethe in 1828-29; 3rd edition; contains preface by W. Vollmer; Two volumes within one; contains inscription (written by Wharton) that reads "E.N. Jones from Anna Bahlmann May 29th 1878"; contains underlines and multiple markings on…

Features signature that reads "Edith Newbold Jones"; half-title page has been extracted, part of Emelyn Washburn's inscription remains visible; "Vier Jahrzeitan" & "Epigramme" sections contain multiple markings; bound in gilded, red morocco [quarter]

Features (smudged) signature that reads "Edith Jones March 16th 1880"; bound in gilded, red morocco [quarter]

Features signature that reads: "Edith Newbold Jones E.W.W.", latter initials from Emelyn Washburn; markings on a single passage, bound in gilded red morocco [quarter]

Contains signature that reads: "Edith Wharton"; contains multiple markings; bound in gilded, red morocco [quarter]

Editing done by K.J. Schröer; completely revised, third edition; in two volumes; bound in gilded, red morocco [half]

Herrmann und Dorothea - Torquato Tasso - Reineke Fuchs; Contains inscription from Emelyn Washburn that reads: "E.N.J. from E.W.W."; features date and signature that reads: "E.N. Jones. May 1876."; Torquato Tasso contains markings; bound in gilded,…

Features signature that reads: "Edith Wharton"; Markings in multiple passages, contains a description in one in reference to a young woman with the initials "M.S." in the margin; bound in gilded, red morocco [quarter]

"Clavigo - Iphegenie Auf Tauris - Egmont - Götz Von Berlichen Mit Der Eisernen Hand"; features inscription from Emelyn Washburn that reads "E.N.J. from Emelyn."; contains signature that reads "Edith Newbold Jones 1876."; multiple passages marked;…

Second edition; contains illustrations from the author; features signature that reads "Edith Jones." No date listed on title page but date is assumed to be 1902 (date of second edition issue from publisher).

Tenth edition; contains signature that reads: "E.N. Jones"; markings in multiple poems; bound in gilded red morocco [quarter]

Nineteenth edition; contains signature that reads "E.N." and a note that reads "E.W.W." to signify being a gift from Emelyn Washburn; additionally features the initials E.N.J.; bound in gilded red morocco [quarter]

Seventy-second edition; features inscription from Emelyn Washburn in pencil that reads: "E.N. Jones E.W.W."; bound in gilded red morocco; Ramsden notes: "A piece of scrap paper loosely inserted carries EW's translation of one of Geibel's poems, as…

Part of the Bibliothèque de l'Enseignement des Beaux-Arts Series; contains illustrations
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