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2005_047_1514_004 copy.pdf
This is the fourth of four novellas in the series Old New York. Edward C. Caswell illustrated the novel. The dusk jacket has a flower pattern that frames an image of a busy New York intersection. The dusk jacket has slight tears along the corners and…

2005_047_1514_003 copy.pdf
This is the third of four novellas in the Old New York series. The dust jacket has a flower pattern that frames a picture of a row of men holding guns. The dusk jacket has several tears, revealing a blue cover underneath. Edward C. Caswell…

2005_047_1514_002 copy.pdf
This is the second of four novellas in Wharton's Old New York series. The cover has a picture of a house surrounded by woods set in a blue cover. The front endpaper has one of Edward C. Caswell's illustrations, showing an aristorcratic man and woman…

2005_047_1514_001 copy.pdf
This is the first of four novellas. The cover has a tattered flower-patterned dust jacket, whose tears reveal a blue cover underneath. Front endpaper features a picture of a man in a top hat gazing off a body of water, with several prominent…
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