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2005_047_1513 copy.pdf
This edition belonged to Walter Berry, who left the handwritten note 'advanced copy', as he procured a copy one month before its public release. He wrote 'W. July 22nd 1922. E.' inside the book and left corrections on pages 341 and 351.

The book…

2005_047_1530 Pt I.pdf
Inside front cover bears the inscription "'Who can stray from me? I follow you whoever you are from the present hour.' Washington April 1898," which Ramsden attributes to Walter Berry. Book appears to be in delicate condition, with water stains…

2005_047_1507 copy.pdf
This edition is signed and dated " W. from E. August 1917". This is Edith Wharton signing the book to Walter Berry. Wharton's credentials under the author title, "author of "The Reef" "The House of Mirth" Etc". Ramsden mentions there could be many…

There is a holograph correction on the cover page. There are also some grammatical and spelling corrections marked by pencil (See pages 169, 194, 271) though Ramsden only mentions the correction on page 169.  According to Ramsden, this text is Walter…

2005_047_1484 copy.pdf
The book cover is black, with the title and an intricate design engraved in gold. The intricate design is contained within a rectangle that takes up a majority of the cover page. The title page includes the same intricate design as the front cover…

2005_047_1503 copy.pdf
Book is Walter Berry's copy. Contains an inscription by Wharton from the month of its publication, "W.V.R.B November 1912." Another marking is the abbreviation "KC" in pencil found underneath Wharton's inscription.

This book has hardcover with cloth binding and this book is signed by Edith Wharton. It is copy number 55 (of 130 copies), 100 of which were made available for sale, printed on handmade paper. Bookseller's marks / comments in pencil added to interior…

Hardbound with silver-tone embossed title design. First edition, second issue. Ramsden notes that it bears an inscription from Walter Berry reading "Alice Warder." Alice Warder's bookplate is affixed to a sheet of paper and mounted in the front cover…

2005_047_1499 copy.pdf
Walter Berry's copy; contains an inscription by Edith Wharton, "W. E." Within the contents list there are four poems ticked. Some passages are marked. There is a newspaper review of the volume laid in at the front.

2005_047_1493 copy.pdf
Walter Berry's copy, complete with his ownership signature in the top left corner. It includes an illustration of vines, pillars, and angels. The illustration is done in red. This illustration was only included in the first edition.

2005_047_1450_2 copy.pdf
"Contes Cruels"

This book is part of a collection of de L'isle-Adam's larger works. This is a collection of non-supernatural horror stories.

This is the second volume (of two).

The cover of this book has leather on the spine and corners.…

2005_047_1450_1 copy.pdf
"L'eve Future"

This book is part of a collection of de L'isle-Adam's larger works. This is a science fiction novel about a scientist who creates an android to be the 'perfect woman'.

This is the first volume (of two).

The cover of this…

2005_047_1316_1 copy.pdf
Fourteenth edition. Blue quarter morocco with flat spines. Comes from Walter Berry's library. This is the first of eight volumes.

The book is bound in blue morocco leather by Stroobants. This copy, owned once by Walter Berry, bears his handwritten initials, "W.v. R.B," as well as Edith Wharton's bookplate. Tucked inside is a lottery or raffle ticket ("tombola"), which,…

2005_047_1181 copy.pdf
Bound in quarter green morocco leather with gilt decorations. The intials "W.v.R.B." are written in pencil on the verso fly on the top left corner, indicating that Walter Berry was the original owner. This book is part of a series of books from the…
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