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2005_047_1463 copy.pdf
Fourth edition. Edited by Franz Pfeiffer and Karl Bartsch. This book was gifted to Wharton by Emelyn Washburn, which she inscribed 'E. N. Jones E.W.W'. Quarter red morocco. Missing half-title. Herausgegeben von Franz

2005_047_1239 copy.pdf
Volume 6 (of 12). Bound in "tree" calf (with the leather showing a tree design) and showing some evidence of damage, possibly from fire / smoke. With Wharton's signature on the fly: "E. N. Jones," in addition to two of her bookplates.

Nietzsche Werke IX_1.pdf
The Will to Power, Part I. Volume VIII (of 10). This volume contains many markings and annotations. On the fly, there are notes in Wharton's own hand. These feature statements pertaining to her work on the novel The Fruit of the Tree (1907),…

On the Geneaology of Morality. Volume VII (of 10). A few sections have been marked in pencil.

The Gay Science. Volume VI (of 10); several sections marked and ticked.

The Dawn. Volume V (of 10); some sections marked.

Human, All Too Human. Volume III and IV (of 10). Contains a penciled, handwritten note (likely from a bookseller) listing the title and author of the volume. Penciled markings, including question marks, have been added to the text in places.

Untimely Meditations. Volume II (of 10)

The Birth of Tragedy. Volume 1 (of 10).

This book is a collection of Hoffmann's work edited by Heinrich Kurz. Hoffmann's work spans between fiction and novellas which influenced and were used to create operas and ballets.

This is the first of two volumes.

On the inside of the…

Only Volume I (of two total); contains multiple markings; Ramsden notes: "The printing of this edition was supervised by Harry Graf Kessler and Emery Walker. Eric Gill drew the title-pages, Edward Johnston one of the half-titles, and the binding is…

Volume II of II; multiple markings and underlinings throughout

Volume I of II; annotations and underlinings throughout; inscription on fly in Wharton's hand reads, "see p. 49 for Goethe's philosophy of life summed up, All of Nietzsche is in it. Also p. 509- + 590."

Volume II of II; annotations and underlinings throughout.

Volume I of II; annotations and underlinings throughout.
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