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A Backward Glance I.pdf
Bound in black leather with gilt-stamped decorations (Wharton's signature) on the cover. Tipped in at the front, there is a list of "Misprints" in Wharton's hand. However, none of the listed corrections were successfully incorporated into subsequent…

2005_047_1456_2 copy.pdf
This is the second of the two-volume collection of the autobiography of German composer Wagner.

2005_047_1456_1 copy.pdf
This is the first of the two-volume collection of the autobiography of German composer Wagner. Page 19 has a photograph of Wagner and his wife, Cosima Wagner, in 1870. Page 20 has a photograph of a bullfighter.

2005_047_1419 copy.pdf
The first (and only) volume of two. The red cover has some small holes, possibly from a mouse or moths. Includes an illustration of the author. The inner spine is decaying, and the title page has dark age spots. The handwritten numbers '30.9' appear…

2005_047_1337_30 copy.pdf
Contains Edith Wharton's bookplate and the handwritten label '22.27'. This book includes the essays and stores that were not included in Stevenson's previous novel, Memories and Portraits. 

2005_047_1337_29 copy.pdf
Contains Edith Wharton's bookplate and the label '22.13'. This is a collection of essays and journal entries that illuminate Stevenson's life.

2005_047_1329_7 copy.pdf
This is the unfinished autobiography of Stendhal, focusing primarily on his childhood. Published in its entirety for the first time, according to the Library of Grenoble's manuscripts. Edited by Henry Debraye. First volume. Includes a note from the…

2005_047_1326 copy.pdf
Quarter calf with a morocco label. This is the autobiography of Henri Beyle, who is better known by his pen name 'Stendhal'. Stendhal was a French writer who served in Napoleon's army and known for his use of realism and his copious number of pen…

Contains two of Edith Wharton's bookplates. Includes a memoir of the author by Francis Hueffer. Several poems are ticked or marked on pages 190, 191, and 193. Full vellum dec. gilt. This book includes poems from Rossetti's previously published book,…

Half bound in blue Morocco. This is the first volume of a four-volume set.

This book follows the life and love struggles of Andre, a fictional character going through his failed marriage and two other failed relationships. It is said that this story is slightly autobiographical with character personalities that could be…


This book follows the methods and results that Huxley used for further exploring many other things in his collection of essays and observations.

This is Volume 1 of 9 in the collection of Huxley's Collected Essays.

The title page…

Volume 1 (of 6).

This book follows the beginning of the life story of Augustus Hare. It touches on his birth, parents, and being given away to relatives.

On the first page of the first document, there is an inscription in the top right-hand…

Stamp on title page: "From the publishers"
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