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2005_047_1497 copy.pdf
A first edition of Wharton's book. On the left side page, the inscription reads "H.E.J from E.W. January 1909". According to Ramsden, H.E.J stands for Harry Jones. We can assume that this book was given to Jones from Wharton and that it is his own…

2005_047_1496 copy.pdf
Edward Wharton's copy, which includes his signature. The inscription says, "'The Mount' Lenox", suggesting this copy was kept there. It also includes an inscription of the date it was published, October 1907. It has thin pages. It is a first edition…

2005_047_1494 copy.pdf
Signed by Wharton herself. The illustrations from this book have been removed by Wharton, thus resulting in a pencil line through the sentence "with illustrations by A.B. Wenzell." There are mold spots on the inside pages. The cover has a red binding…

Hardbound with silver-tone embossed title design. First edition, second issue. Ramsden notes that it bears an inscription from Walter Berry reading "Alice Warder." Alice Warder's bookplate is affixed to a sheet of paper and mounted in the front cover…

2005_047_1500 copy.pdf
First English edition. Ramsden mentions "13 holograph corrections." Inscribed: "The Garden House Saltwood."

2005_047_1498 copy.pdf
Book is illustrated and was Harry Jones's copy. Noted as the first English edition. It contains an inscription which was written by Jones's sister, "For H.E.J. from E.W. January 1909." Ramsden remarks Harry Jones as, "being the third passenger on the…

2005_047_1493 copy.pdf
Walter Berry's copy, complete with his ownership signature in the top left corner. It includes an illustration of vines, pillars, and angels. The illustration is done in red. This illustration was only included in the first edition.

2005_047_1175_1 copy.pdf
First edition; first of two volumes. Some pages unopened.

Bound in red cloth. Bookplate on FEP reads: "Edith Wharton, Pavillion Colombe, Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt." Text contains 16 reproduced photographs. A bookmark / spine marker reading "Nellie Van de Grift Sanchez, The Life of Mrs. Robert Luis Stevenson,…

This book is a first edition. The covering material appears to be made of blue velvet cloth, and there is apparent water damage to the middle and lower right corner of the cover material. The book appears to have boards made of cardboard, and is…

This book is a first edition. Paper appears to be woven, and there is visible mold damage to the recto side of the title page.

This book is a first edition and printed on woven paper. Written on the paste down is "To Mrs. Wharton With the compliments of W. H. Schofield Paris, 1911." Schofield was a Harvard academic and founder of the Harvard Studies in Comparative…

Signed "Edith Wharton" on fly page. The text is printed on woven paper. This is a first edition of the fourth volume in a series of five, of which four remain in her library.
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