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2005_047_1547 copy.pdf
Ramsden describes the cover of the book as having patterned boards, quarter vellum, with morocco label. On the page with the bookplate, ON is written in the bottom right corner. The title page reads A Selection from the Poetry of W.B. Yeats with…

2005_047_1546 copy.pdf
The bookplate is displayed on a checkered page with a drawing of ruler on the side. Ramsden incorrectly listed the Pavillon Colombe [PC] bookplate in his notes. The correct bookplate for this book is the Sainte-Claire du Château Hyères [H]…

2005_047_1545 copy.pdf
According to Ramsden's notes, he quotes R.W.B Lewis's biography of Edith Wharton by noting her admiration of the Irish poet, W.B. Yeats, above all other English-language poets. The title page reads Poems by W.B. Yeats. The publisher information is…

2005_047_1542 copy.pdf
The bookplate page includes the Land's End book plate with 1.50 is written in the top left corner. The title page reads Poems of Wordsworth. Selected from the best editions. In two volumes volume II. Publisher information is listed as Cassell &…

2005_047_1541_1 copy.pdf
The page with the bookplate is marbled and includes both the Pavillon Colombe and Land's End plates. The following page is blank except for the signature of Edith Wharton's father, George F. Jones, in the upper right corner. According to Ramsden,…

2005_047_1530 Pt I.pdf
Inside front cover bears the inscription "'Who can stray from me? I follow you whoever you are from the present hour.' Washington April 1898," which Ramsden attributes to Walter Berry. Book appears to be in delicate condition, with water stains…

Hardbound with silver-tone embossed title design. First edition, second issue. Ramsden notes that it bears an inscription from Walter Berry reading "Alice Warder." Alice Warder's bookplate is affixed to a sheet of paper and mounted in the front cover…

This is the Centenary Edition, containing three volumes in one. Edited by Richard Maurice Bucke, Thomas B. Harned, and Horace L. Traubel. Includes photograph of 'Walt Whitman and the Butterfly'. The table of contents is heavily marked, with the…

2005_047_1548 copy.pdf
The Wild Swans at Coole is a lyrical poem written by William Butler Yeats, which focuses on the beauty of nature and the symbol of the swan. No notable marks, tears, or folds.

2005_047_1446 copy.pdf

This is a collection of French Romantic poetry.

The title page starts with the title on the top of the page with two different colors, the author's name is in red ink compared to the black.
In the middle of the page, there is the…

2005_047_1445 copy.pdf
This book is a collection of de Vigny's poems.

The title page and that opposite are ornately decorated with a border of foliage and flowers. In the middle of the page, there is a box with the text.

On the opposite page, there are two boxes.…

2005_047_1392 copy.pdf
Includes Edith Wharton's bookplate. Lawrence Housman illustrated the book. The inscription reads, 'To Mrs. Wharton This poem of Thompson's from hers and his gratefully W.M. [Wilfred Meynell] Aug 1901'. This is a book of poetry from the English…

2005_047_1332 copy.pdf
Contains two of Edith Wharton's bookplates. Upper right-hand corner has the inscription, 'LV7 Jdd'. Signed, 'Edith Wharton 1887'. This is a collection of poetry. The poems 'Not yet, my soul' and 'My house, I say' are marked.

2005_047_1309 copy.pdf
New edition. Contains illustrations by George Cruikshank. Edith Wharton's sister-in-law Mary Cadwalader Jones dedicated it to her: 'E. N. J. Xmas 1875 M. C. J.' This book contains twenty-one poems parodying contemporary authors.

2005_047_1282 copy.pdf
Eleventh edition. Dent's pocket edition. Cover's corners have worn through the cloth binding. Cover has the golden image of a bird with a scepter above a crest with an arrow. Includes the photograph of G. F. Watt's Love Triumphs. Many sonnets, lines,…
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