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First edition. The front cover is in good condition, but there is visible wear. Fully bound in velvet cloth. There is visible wear to the book’s cloth binding, this could be due to water damage. Wood pulp pages showing some evidence of deterioration,…

_0553 Faust.pdf
Bernard Berenson has written the phrase "Olim" (meaning "formerly") above his bookplate ("Ex Libris Bernardi et Mariae Berenson"), indicating that he was the former owner of this book. His inscription to Wharton, which reads "Nunc Edithae Wharton…

Translating done by D.F. Tait and F.S. Flint; contains Berenson's book-label, i.e. "(Ex Libris Bernardi et Mariae Berenson)"; features inscription from Bernard Berenson that reads: "Edith Wharton ex-"; bibliography contains markings on multiple…
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