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This book was edited and published posthumously by the author's brother, William Michael Rossetti. It bears Edith Wharton's bookplate and her signature. One page bearing the portrait of Rosssetti has a watermark in in the top left corner.

Contains Edith Wharton's bookplate. Several poems and page numbers are marked in the Table of Contents and correspondingly marked on pages 105, 137, 147, 192, 194, and 382. Includes designs by D. G. Rossetti (likely Rossetti's brother, Dante…

Signed with Edith Wharton's maiden name, 'Edith Jones Boston Aug 5th 80'. Also inscribed are the letters 'KC', in different handwriting and color than the signature. Illustrations by D. G. Rossetti (likely her brother Dante Gabriel Rossetti),…

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The book is bound in black cloth with gilt decorations. It contains a collection of poems published posthumously by the author's brother, William M. Rossetti. A portrait of the author is included as a frontispiece; water damage is evident in the…

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The book is bound in black cloth linen with gilt decorations. There is an inscription on the fly: "Ira from Violet. A little memory of happy days at Plymouth? March 1894." This is followed by lines of poetry copied in French.
Tic marks have been…

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Inscription in Edith Wharton's hand reads, "'Edith Jones Boston Aug 05 80." The initials "KC" (for Kenneth Clark) also appear in blue pencil on the fly. Reproduced illustrations by Dante Gabriel Rossetti appear on the title page as well as the…
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