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2005_047_1449 copy.pdf
Half-brown morocco. This is a collection of short stories penned by a French symbolist writer. The name of the collection (which translates to Cruel Tales) was the namesake for the literary genre contes cruel.

2005_047_1443 copy.pdf
Final edition. This is a collection of semi-autobiographical short stories. Half brown morocco. 11e mille.

2005_047_1428 copy.pdf
The author inscribed this edition to Wharton, writing, 'Quoi que votre art, Miss Wharton, soit de creer des etres qui vivent, je sais que vous ne haissez pas les figures abstraites et les personnages appauvris qui ne se rencontrent que dans les…

2005_047_1404 copy.pdf
This novel follows Journal d'un Homme de Trop and Trois Rencontres. Translated by Louis Viardot, in collaboration with I. Tourguenieff. Preface by Edmond Jaloux. New edition. Quarter gray cloth. There is a handwritten 'W' on the upper left corner of…

2005_047_1389_1 copy.pdf
This is the seventh volume of the an eight-volumes collection. This volume is signed by G. F. Jones, the once-owner. Quarter brown morocco. This is a collection of works by a French historian. Includes two of Edith Wharton's bookplates.

2005_047_1371 copy.pdf
This is a collection of short stories by French author Guy de Maupassant, complied by his personal valet, Francois Tassart. Seventh edition. Quarter faun cloth. Title page has a handwritten 'w' in the upper right corner. 

2005_047_1368_2 copy.pdf
Second volume of two. Tenth edition. Half blue morocco gilt. Contains Edith Wharton's bookplate.

2005_047_1368_1 copy.pdf
First volume of two. Tenth edition. Half blue morocco gilt. Contains Edith Wharton's bookplate.

2005_047_1367_1 copy.pdf
This is the first volume of six, Tome 1: La Revolution. Twelfth edition. Title page is covered in age spots. This book is about the political and historical events that brought France to its contemporary state. Quarter red morocco gilt. Contains…

2005_047_1364 copy.pdf
Seventh edition. Half blue morocco gilt. This is a second set of essays penned by Taine.

2005_047_1363 copy.pdf
Eighth edition. Ramsden notes that there is an 'analysis of Michelet's style marked' on pages 150-151. Half blue morocco gilt. This is a collection of essays on criticism and history.

2005_047_1329_14 copy.pdf
This is Stendhal's published novel. The story follows the life of Julien Sorel, as he tries to advance his social class in the midst of the French restoration. Text established and annotated, with a historical introduction, by Jules Marsan. Preface…

2005_047_1329_11 copy.pdf
This book is followed by some notes by a dilettante. Text was established and annotated with a preface by Henry Prunieres. This book is a biography of Rossini, the Italian composer.

2005_047_1329_8 copy.pdf
Text annotated by Daniel Muller and Pierre Jourda. Preface by Etienne Rey. First volume. Includes three facsimiles. This is an essay on the concept of love, inspired by his futile infatuation with a woman. In this book he develops the psychological…

2005_047_1329_7 copy.pdf
This is the unfinished autobiography of Stendhal, focusing primarily on his childhood. Published in its entirety for the first time, according to the Library of Grenoble's manuscripts. Edited by Henry Debraye. First volume. Includes a note from the…
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