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2005_047_1556 copy.pdf
France's Second Empire, as seen by a Belgian Diplomat. First Volume. Book looks in fair condition with some wear along the edges of the pages.

2005_047_1555 copy.pdf
Novel about the Duchess of Chevreuse, Marie De Rohan. The book appears to be in good condition

2005_047_1554 copy.pdf
Part of the Les Grandes Etudes Historiques Series. The book looks to be in good condition.

2005_047_1553 copy.pdf

The book is in fair condition, only having a few blemishes on the interior stitching of the book, which is a half blue cloth with Moroccan label. Eugéne Fasquelle is listed as the editor.

Natural and Social History of a family under the Second…

2005_047_1433 copy.pdf
Nineteenth edition. First of two volumes. Includes the sections La Genese du Consulat, Brumaire, and La Constitution de L'An VIII. Quarter brown morocco. 

2005_047_1432 copy.pdf
Second edition text. Discoloration and age spotting on title page. Bound in quarter blue morocco by the famous binder Lavaux. The job-number appears on the upper wrapper.

2005_047_1389_1 copy.pdf
This is the seventh volume of the an eight-volumes collection. This volume is signed by G. F. Jones, the once-owner. Quarter brown morocco. This is a collection of works by a French historian. Includes two of Edith Wharton's bookplates.

2005_047_1369 copy.pdf
Second edition. Half blue morocco gilt. This is a collection of essays on criticism and history. Taine is famous for pioneering the literary criticism movement of literary historicism.

2005_047_1367_5 copy.pdf
Le Regime Moderne: Volume 1. Tenth edition. This volume gives an overview of France during the modern regime under Napoleon Bonaparte, how the new state emerged, and the function of the government.

2005_047_1367_1 copy.pdf
This is the first volume of six, Tome 1: La Revolution. Twelfth edition. Title page is covered in age spots. This book is about the political and historical events that brought France to its contemporary state. Quarter red morocco gilt. Contains…

2005_047_1330 copy.pdf
Translated from French into English by Mrs. Rodolph Stawell. Cover is bound in blue velvet, with gold lettering and a gold crest. Contains illustrations. This book is an account-based of real memoirs- of France during Louis XVIII's reign.

2005_047_1316_1 copy.pdf
Fourteenth edition. Blue quarter morocco with flat spines. Comes from Walter Berry's library. This is the first of eight volumes.

2005_047_1299 copy.pdf
Illustrations come from time-period portraits, lithographs, and cartoons. This book delves into the psychology of French emperor Napoleon, as well as the history of France from 1848-1856.

2005_047_01298 copy.pdf
Contains previously unpublished documents and illustrations. Details the reign of the French Emperor Napoleon.

Contains Edith Wharton's bookplate. One page has dark discoloration marks. Another page has wrinkles from water damage. 12mo. This book is a memoir of General Count Segur's role in the Russian Campaign of 1812.
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