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2005_047_1513 copy.pdf
This edition belonged to Walter Berry, who left the handwritten note 'advanced copy', as he procured a copy one month before its public release. He wrote 'W. July 22nd 1922. E.' inside the book and left corrections on pages 341 and 351.

The book…

2005_047_1463 copy.pdf
Fourth edition. Edited by Franz Pfeiffer and Karl Bartsch. This book was gifted to Wharton by Emelyn Washburn, which she inscribed 'E. N. Jones E.W.W'. Quarter red morocco. Missing half-title. Herausgegeben von Franz

2005_047_1425 copy.pdf
Cover has a splotchy brown and yellow pattern, with a red spine. Quarter red morocco gilt. Includes Edith Wharton's owner's signature and bookplate. Emelyn Washburn inscribed, 'E. N. J. from Emelyn. 57e Auflage. Dark age spots appear throughout…

2005_047_1392 copy.pdf
Includes Edith Wharton's bookplate. Lawrence Housman illustrated the book. The inscription reads, 'To Mrs. Wharton This poem of Thompson's from hers and his gratefully W.M. [Wilfred Meynell] Aug 1901'. This is a book of poetry from the English…

2005_047_1346 copy.pdf
The first work in a three volume collection, of which Wharton had only Vol. I & II. Both are inscribed: “Edith Jones - Nov 10th 1879 L.M.R.J” Ramsden observed that the texts are largely unopened. A second edition.

The author inscribed, 'A Madame Edith Wharton hommage respectueux et fidele souvenir Bon E. Seilliere'. Quarter fawn cloth, with a morocco label. This book is about the philosopher Jean-Jacque Rousseau, who studied romanticism and political…

Second edition. Inscribed by the author, 'A Madame Edith Wharton / Hommage tres respectuaux / Bon E. Seilliere'. Half green cloth, bound with a morocco label.

Includes the inscription, “A Madame Wharton Respectueux et admiratif hommage Ségur.” The binding is in half cloth, green, and morocco label.

"With Drawings by Albert Rutherston.” Includes the inscription, “Edith with love from Geoffrey 23. xi. 23.” Ramden notes, “1000 copies only.”

This book is a first edition and printed on woven paper. Written on the paste down is "To Mrs. Wharton With the compliments of W. H. Schofield Paris, 1911." Schofield was a Harvard academic and founder of the Harvard Studies in Comparative…

2005_047_1245 copy.pdf
The text is the second series of the book. The text is inscribed on the title page: “á Madame Edith Wharton très respecteux homage Gustave Schlumberger Paris, 1922.” The book is bound in a quarter blue cloth with a Morocco leather label on the spine.

2005_047_1187 copy.pdf
This book is bound in red burlap with extensive water damage to the front cover. Includes inscription that reads, 'To Mrs. Edith Wharton with the sincere admiration of Theodore Roosevelt'. The original illustrations are provided by Captain John W.…

2005_047_1244 copy.pdf
The full title included on the title page is "Expédition Des ‘Almugavares’ ou Routiers Catalans En Orient." The text is inscribed on the title page: “á Madame Edith Wharton nouveau témoignage d’admiration Gustave Schlumberger Paris mars 1925.” There…

This translation includes “The Battle of the Frogs and Mice by Parnell; and the Hymns by Chapman and Others.” Along with “observations and brief notes by Rev. J.S. Watson.” Signed (in pen): “Henry E. Jones." With an inscription in pencil, "H.E.J.…

Pope’s Poetical Works were first published in 1751. This is a “new edition” that is revised and edited by Robert Carruthers. Published in two volumes, and bound uniformly along with Pope’s translation of The Odyssey of Homer. Illustrated. Signed (in…
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