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2005_047_1410 copy.pdf
Sixth edition, revised and enlarged, with two of Edith Wharton's bookplates. The signature reads, 'Edith Jones- January 11th 1879'. This book contains a series of lectures with the intended audience of young men's societies.

Fifth edition, first of two volumes, bound in half blue morocco.

"Studies based on a course of lectures delivered in April 1912 at Columbia University."

A note from the publisher has been inserted at the front: "Published for the Columbia University Press by Henry Frowde Oxford University Press London, E.C. and…


This book follows a collection of lectures and essays given by Huxley at different points in history about science and education in the world surrounding the early 20th century.

This is Volume 3 of 9 in the collection of Huxley's…

"or Eighty Years' Struggle with the Barbarians"
"A Series of Lectures Delivered to The Durham Ladies' Educational Association"

This book is a collection of two different lectures that travel 80 years of Roman Empire history through the lens of…

Collection of Butcher's lectures; heavily marked, most notably "The Greek Love of Knowledge."

"Late Professor of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics in University College, London; and Sometime Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge."
Edited by Leslie Stephen and Sir Frederick Pollock.
Only volume of two in possession.
Visible mold damage.

2005_047_0321 Les Religions Orientales .pdf
"Conferences Faites au Collège de France par Franz Cumont"
Lectures given at the College of France by Franz Cumont

Deuxième Édition Revue
Second Edition

Bound by Lavaux in quarter blue morocco
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