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2005_047_1380 copy.pdf
Red cover with gold detailing. The poem In Memoriam has tick marks. One patch on the spine is worn through to binding. Limp leather gilt. The title page bears the Percy Shelley quote, 'Poets are the trumpets which sing to battle. Poets are the…

2005_047_1379_10 copy.pdf
This is the tenth volume of ten.

2005_047_1379_9 copy.pdf
This is the first volume of ten.

2005_047_1379_6 copy.pdf
This is the sixth volume of ten. This volume has two dramas: Queen Mary and Harold. 

2005_047_1379_5 copy.pdf
This is the fifth volume of ten. The following pages are have tick marks: 88, 95, and 96.

2005_047_1379_4 copy.pdf
This is the fourth volume of ten. Two notes on page 1, on the poem The Princess; a Medley. 

2005_047_1379_3 copy.pdf
This is the third volume of ten.

2005_047_1379_2 copy.pdf
This is the second volume of ten.

2005_047_1379_1 copy.pdf
This is the first volume of ten. Include an illustration of the Poet Laureate.

This book is a collection of poetry edited by Robert Bridges posthumously. The major themes that Hopkins explores include nature, religion, and sexual identity. His poetry also holds historical relevance because of the changes that he developed with…
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