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Rosetti_House of Life Pt 1.pdf
With an inscription from Sally Norton: "E.W. from S.N. Jan 1. 1905" Bound in limp red morocco leather with gilt-stamped decorations on the cover. An illustrated frontispiece shows the author. Penciled markings appear throughout the text. Wharton…

2005_047_1379_7 copy.pdf
This is the seventh volume of ten. Includes ballads, sonnets, translations, and more.

2005_047_1283 copy.pdf
Red velvet cover with gold detailing. Contain's Wharton's bookplate. Edited by William Sharp. Charles Scribner wrote, 'E.W. For a lover of sonnets- from an old true friend of this little book. Sept. 2 '08'. This inscription has imprinted itself into…

2005_047_1282 copy.pdf
Eleventh edition. Dent's pocket edition. Cover's corners have worn through the cloth binding. Cover has the golden image of a bird with a scepter above a crest with an arrow. Includes the photograph of G. F. Watt's Love Triumphs. Many sonnets, lines,…

2005_047_1201_1 copy.pdf
1st volume of the collection.
Bound in quarter blue morocco.
On the title page there is a picture printed in black ink of a naked man digging with a shovel.
There is a picture of C.-A. Sainte-Beuve printed in black ink on the flyleaf.

With a signature on the fly: "Edith Wharton, 1895."

Penciled markings have been added to several poems, including "Hard Weather" (pp. 6-13) and "The South-Wester."

One of a rare edition of total 400 copies printed on handmade paper and bound in paper wrappers. Signed / inscribed by Walter Berry on the fly: "Edith Wharton." Another, later inscription, "Sheelagh from George," is also included on the fly. The…

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