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2005_047_1506 copy.pdf
This copy is signed in the front: Colette Clark, Saltwood. This is the first English edition. This is a collection of 8 short stories many talking about the human condition and New York City society in the late 19th century.

2005_047_1505 copy.pdf
This copy is signed by Edith Wharton on the page before the title page. Marginalia explaining event chronology on p.6-9. This is the first English language edition. It explains on the title page that it is illustrated. This is a collection of…

"Little Essays" dating from the era of the First World War. First edition. Some evidence of water damage.

With an inscription by Sara (Sally) Norton: "E.W. with S.N.'s love. Feb. 19. 1906."

The volume appears heavily marked throughout. A slip of paper appears inserted between pages 11 and 12; it is covered in handwritten notes (in French) that may…
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