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2005_047_1379_10 copy.pdf
This is the tenth volume of ten.

2005_047_1379_9 copy.pdf
This is the first volume of ten.

2005_047_1379_8 copy.pdf
This is the eighth volume of ten. Includes poems such as "Tiresias" and "Demeter".

2005_047_1379_7 copy.pdf
This is the seventh volume of ten. Includes ballads, sonnets, translations, and more.

2005_047_1379_6 copy.pdf
This is the sixth volume of ten. This volume has two dramas: Queen Mary and Harold. 

2005_047_1379_5 copy.pdf
This is the fifth volume of ten. The following pages are have tick marks: 88, 95, and 96.

2005_047_1379_4 copy.pdf
This is the fourth volume of ten. Two notes on page 1, on the poem The Princess; a Medley. 

2005_047_1379_3 copy.pdf
This is the third volume of ten.

2005_047_1379_2 copy.pdf
This is the second volume of ten.

2005_047_1379_1 copy.pdf
This is the first volume of ten. Include an illustration of the Poet Laureate.

2005_047_1362_2 copy.pdf
This is the second volume of two, including four of Tacitus' books, and so is titled: The History, Germany, Agricola, and Diaglogue on Orators. This is the revised, Oxford edition, which includes notes. 

2005_047_1362_1 copy.pdf
This is volume one of two. This is the revised Oxford transition, including notes. This volume, Annals, details the history of the Roman Empire. Encompasses the span from AD 14- AD 68.

2005_047_1321 copy.pdf
Only volume II (of two). Translated to English from Latin, and introduction by R. H. M. Elwes. De intellectus Emendatione- Ethica. Contains select letters. This edition has been revised. Reprinted in 1898. Some sections are unopened. This is a…

2005_047_1280_1 copy.pdf
The first of seven volumes. Includes a portrait of Shakespeare that is dated to 1783. Many passages are ticked, with one annotation on Vol. VI, p.472. Quarter red morocco gilt. In Ramsden's Edith Wharton's Library, he notes the anecdote:On one of her…

One volume from a nine-volume collection titled Works, which are from anonymously published articles in The Guardian.  Inscribed, “To Mrs. Wharton with every good wish from A.F. de Navaro, 10 September 1901.”  Very light ware, with unopened…
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