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2005_047_1550 copy.pdf
This copy has small creases in the cover page, but no notable tears or rips. Bound in half vellum, with decorative gilt, and Morocco leather label. Eugéne Fasquelle is listed as editor.

As the fourth book in a twenty-volume series called Les…

2005_047_1345 copy.pdf
This translation into German (from Swedish) is by Emil Schering, who translated much of Strindberg's work. Bound with marbled boards and a morocco label.

2005_047_1281 copy.pdf
Edited by William J. Rolfe. Contains engravings. Includes two of EW's bookplates. Signed and dated, 'Edith Jones Oct. 1878'. Passages marked on pages 69 and 96. 

2005_047_1280_1 copy.pdf
The first of seven volumes. Includes a portrait of Shakespeare that is dated to 1783. Many passages are ticked, with one annotation on Vol. VI, p.472. Quarter red morocco gilt. In Ramsden's Edith Wharton's Library, he notes the anecdote:On one of her…

70 miglaio. Half gray cloth gilt. This is a four-act play.

2005_047_1237 copy.pdf
Half-bound in brown leather with a morocco label.
In addition to being a literary critic and political historian, Scherillo was an Italian senator serving in the XXVI legislature .

2005_047_1203 copy.pdf
Small (8vo.) edition, bound in blue morocco leather. Triple gilt border with a flower inlaid at each corner. All edges gilt. Endpages feature decorative marbling. Pages are laid, with chainlines evident. Bookseller's mark: "Rare first edition." This…

Including a preface or “record” by M. Auger. Marked by G.F. Jones. Some annotations.

First edition (bookseller's mark "Editions originales").Bound in the same style as Racine's Esther (blue morocco, with decorated gilt, gilt edges, and gilt-ruled boards); lavish, high-quality binding done by Lortic.

First edition (bookseller's mark: "Editions originales"). Bound in the same style as Racine's Athalie (blue morrocco with gilt decorations, gilt edges, and gilt-ruled boards, by Lortic). Lavish, high-quality binding. Includes an untitled…

A collection in two volumes. According to Ramsden, the “title-page engraving [is] after Le Brun, frontispiece [including the text “Tragedies de Racine”] by Chauveau." Later (19th c.) full crimson morocco, with gilt on the spine, elaborate inner gilt…

A collection in two volumes. According to Ramsden’s Catalog entry, the “title-page engraving [is] after Le Brun, frontispiece [including the text “Tragedies de Racine”] by Chauveau." Later full crimson morocco, with gilt spine decorations and…

This first edition is inscribed, “A Monsieur Alphonse Leduc en homage G. Polti 16 Nov 95.” Bound in quarter vellum decorated gilt and morocco label.

Second edition. Bound in half brown cloth gilt with morocco label.

The cover features an illustration of a woman holding Sock and Buskin (ancient Greek) style drama masks on a ribbon, colored in red, blue, green, yellow, black, and white. The cover is mostly red with black text.
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