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2005_047_1369 copy.pdf
Second edition. Half blue morocco gilt. This is a collection of essays on criticism and history. Taine is famous for pioneering the literary criticism movement of literary historicism.

2005_047_1337_28 copy.pdf
Contains Edith Wharton's bookplate and the handwritten label '22.18'. This is a collection of essays, including literary criticism and scientific research papers.

2005_047_1337_27 copy.pdf
Contains Edith Wharton's bookplate and the handwritten label '22.27'. This book is a compilation of ten essays: Preface, by Way of Criticism, Victor Hugo’s Romances, Some Aspects of Robert Burns, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoroau: His Character and…

2005_047_1329_9 copy.pdf
Annotations and preface by Pierre Martino. First volume. Includes four illustrations. This is a book on literary criticism, in which Stendhal promotes modernity and debates romanticism and classicism. Bound in Walter Berry's signature half blue…

2005_047_1207 copy.pdf
Printed on woven paper, with pages largely unopened.

With inscription: "Sent by request of the author" found on the publisher's compliments slip, which is attached to the fly. A postcard advertisement listing works published by George Routledge and Sons appears tipped in.

One penciled marking has…

One chapter ("The Nature of the Writer") is heavily marked.
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