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Contains Edith Wharton's bookplate and the handwritten numbers '22.15'. Includes three plays.

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Two volumes. Contains a photograph of the author. The first volume contains the three unpleasant plays, while the second volume contains the four pleasant plays. His unpleasant plays critique social class and social inequality.

The plays included are: The Straw, The Emperor Jones, and Dif'rentt. The introduction is by C.E. Bechhofer.

This book contains three of Hugo's plays: Hernani, Marion de Lorme, Le roi s'amuse. The themes that these plays surround include love, attack of contemporary society and mischief.

On the inside of the cover, there are two of Edith Wharton's…

This book follows the story and life of Shakespeare through study of the characters of his plays. Harries goes through many of his plays and chooses certain characters to analyze.

The cover of this book is a dark charcoal-black material and the…

Five plays, including Daphnis et Alcimadure, pastoral, lanquedocienne; bound along with slightly later plays; in contemporary boards, with morocco label; with handwritten inscription (not in Wharton's hand) naming each play.

Second (only) of two volumes, only slightly opened, editing done by J. St. Loe Strachey, signature states "Edith Wharton Winchester - April 29 - 1906"

Translated into English by Lewis Campbell

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