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2005_047_1550 copy.pdf
This copy has small creases in the cover page, but no notable tears or rips. Bound in half vellum, with decorative gilt, and Morocco leather label. Eugéne Fasquelle is listed as editor.

As the fourth book in a twenty-volume series called Les…

2005_047_1155 copy.pdf
1st ed. Full Morocco leather with marbled endpapers.

The book is inscribed, “à Madame E. Wharton, en témoignage d’admiration & de fidèle amitié. Paléologue.” Bound in quarter brown cloth and morocco label.

This book contains two different collections of poetry. The first is Hugo working through many different themes surrounding autumn and its time of change. He includes peaceful and serene verses, familial issues, domestic life, private life, soulful…

This book is a collection of poetry that spans through the themes of liberty, freedom in politics and art, and royalism,

On the inside of the cover, there are two of Edith Wharton's bookplates. The first one is from the Pavillon Colombe…

"Selected and edited, with Introduction and Notes, by Frank Carr."

This book is a collection of many of Hazlitt's essays that were published at many different times in his careers. He is greatly known for his forceful prose style in his writing.…

Features an inscription that reads: "To Edith Wharton, but for whom this book would never have been written. Morton Fullerton. 20 May 1913."
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