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Greville, Charles C.F. 

The Greville Memoirs: 1817-1837 

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Greville, Charles C.F. 

The Greville Memoirs: 1817-1837 


Greville, Charles C.F.


"A Journal of the Reigns of King George IV. and King William IV. 1817-1837"

This is Volume III, 3rd Edition.

These memoirs separated into 3 parts spanning 8 volumes; 3 volumes covering 1817-1837 (First Part), 3 volumes covering 1837-1852 (Second Part), and 2 covering 1852-1860 (Third Part). These were all published between 1874-1887.

Written in diary format, Greville accounts Great Britain and events occurring during the time of the reign of 3 different rulers.

This copy is bound in blue velvet cloth with a gold stamp on the center of the front cover. This stamp contains a goose with a crown around its neck, wings flapped, sitting atop a larger crown. A banner sits below the goose and crown stating "VIX EA NOSTRA VOCO".

Along the spine and front cover, there is some wear and tear, loss of blue velvet. On the top center of the cover, there is mold damage which can be seen on the inside cover. The spine is breaking away from the pages on the inner hinge.

Inside the front cover, contains two different bookplates. The first and one on top is that of Edith Wharton's from Sainte-Claire-du-Chateau Hyeres decorated around the edges. The second bookplate states the name George W. Rowland, 50 Queens Gardens Hyde Park. W. and this is more simple without decorations.

There are a few markings within this volume though it is unclear if they were made by Wharton. They can be located: page 33 along both the left and right side margins; page 35 underlining a sentence in the first section; and page 55 with underlinings and markings in the margins.




Longmans, Green, and Co. (London)


(1874) 1875







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