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Bound in quarter vellum with marbled boards and endpapers. One of an edition of 995 copies printed on Dutch handmade paper (much like Wharton's other Mérimée editions, all published through the "Collection des Chefs-D'Oeuvres"

2005_047_1509 copy.pdf
This is the first English edition. Ramsden, in his notes, explains that this English language copy is a reproduction of the U.S. sheets. Under the author's credit, she is explained as "Author of "The Reef," "Summer," "The Marne" and "The House of…

2005_047_1479 copy.pdf
The title page of a nonfiction book on France. The title page has mold spots and Barrattt Wendell's accreditations.

2005_047_1508 copy.pdf
Edith Wharton's signature is present before the title page. This is the first English edition. This novella is about the aftereffects of the French battles during World War I along the Marne River through the viewpoint of an American boy, Troy…

2005_047_1505 copy.pdf
This copy is signed by Edith Wharton on the page before the title page. Marginalia explaining event chronology on p.6-9. This is the first English language edition. It explains on the title page that it is illustrated. This is a collection of…

2005_047_1493 copy.pdf
Walter Berry's copy, complete with his ownership signature in the top left corner. It includes an illustration of vines, pillars, and angels. The illustration is done in red. This illustration was only included in the first edition.

Fifth edition. A 'w' is inscribed on the upper right hand corner. Bound in partially green morocco. Contains a comprehensive collection of Jean-Arthur Rimbaud's works, including his prose and poetry.

2005_047_1242 copy.pdf
With an inscription from the author that reads, "á Madame Edith Wharton en témoignage de profonde admiration Gustave Schlumberger Paris, novembre 1923." The inscription has been made in ink and is bleeding through the page.

2005_047_1241 copy.pdf
With an inscription, "à Madame Edith Wharton en té moignage de profonde admiration Gustave Schlumberger Paris, novembre 1923." A partially erased / faded note appears on the title page. The book sustained some water damage. Half blue morocco binding.

Half bound in blue Morocco. This is the first volume of a four-volume set.

2005_047_1244 copy.pdf
The full title included on the title page is "Expédition Des ‘Almugavares’ ou Routiers Catalans En Orient." The text is inscribed on the title page: “á Madame Edith Wharton nouveau témoignage d’admiration Gustave Schlumberger Paris mars 1925.” There…

Bound copies of the magazine La Mode dating from the 1830s. The first 73 pages have been removed after binding, but several hand-colored illustrations remain. A few pages contain library stamps; bound in full green morocco. (La Mode became La Mode…

This volume contains two separate works that have been bound together into a single book. The first is La Rochefoucauld's Reflexions, which is heavily marked and annotated; the second is Vauvenagrgues' Oeuvres Choisies. Bound in quarter black morocco…

"With Illustrative Critical and Anecdotal Notices"

This book is illustrated.

This book brings the reader along nine different routes throughout Paris through the lens of famous or significant houses at the time. Harrison uses the history of…

Part of series: English Men of Letter
This is a series of literary biographies written by literary figures of the time.

This book follows not only the life and legacy of John Ruskin but many of his philosophies, learnings, understandings, and…
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